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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  January 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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looks like they've got at least one lane open so that's good. they were trying to do that by 1:00 today. still cleaning up the rest of that mess. we've been keeping an eye on this and good to know that traffic is flowi ag also breaking at 12:30, authorities say they have captured one of the three inmates who escaped from a california jail last week while facing charges involving violent crimes. one of the men found in santa ana. that's the same city that the trio made their elaborate escape and it was right out of a movie. they tied up sheets and propelled down the side of a wall. >> krystal: it did seem like it came out of the hollywood script. the man escaped from arrange county jail about 30 miles from los angeles. a woman was arrested yesterday th men. she is believed to have been involved in a relationship with one of those enmates. just wanted to bring you that
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story we're continuing to follow. years of waiting for nye gr promid $12 million veterans affair clinic in pahrump. the 10,000 square foot clinic will serve thousands of veterans in nye county many of whom use to have to come here to las vegas for medical care. senator heller was on hand for the ground breaking. we will have a crew there and newscasts. president obama is making a new push to advance equal pay for women. he is proposing a new rule that will require companies to report pay data by gender, race and etsdz nis fi. help aid investigations of employers accused of short changing workers based on those factors. the new rules come as the president marks the seventh anniversary of the lily ledbetter fair pay act. that's the first piece of legislation he signed as president and it look loosened the statute of limitations in which workers can sue priors
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>> michelle: scientists are working on a new weapon to fight the zika virus and purposely releasing more mosquitos into the air. >> krystal: this is interesting. >> reporter: we're here in the egg breeding lab of a company in the united kingdom which is using mosquitos to fight mosquitos. this is the [ inaudible ]. there are 12,000 of them. this is the specific species of mosquito which spread zika and also been also also dengue fever. these are not the same as the wild. they're genetically modified. they can't survive very long. scientists take the male of this genetically m into a problematic wild population where there's some sort of an outbreak and they breed with the female. >> there's actually 3 million mosquito eggs in this believe it or not.
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world to different areas where we're treating the mosquito and trying to remove the mosquito. >> reporter: the off spring don't survive. they never make it into adulthood. and they've been able in studies to wipe out 90 percent or more of the specific problematic population of mosquito. just to give you an mosquo eradication program with chemicals can only get rid of best case 30-50 percent of a population. so it's hugely successful. it's already being used on a small scale in brazil. they're looking at scaling it up because of the zika virus and its spread. the fda is in the process of reviewing it for use in the united states. back to you. >> krystal: we also are learning that the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting an international health emergency.
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>> michelle: yesterday we were asking what are the side effects or the symptoms for somebody who has it? so we know it's detrimental to unbor babies but what happens. they said some people don't even show symptoms. if you do, they could be very mild like a cold. >> krystal: so it's really hard to know if you are even at risk. that's part of the bigger issue. you don't know if you are carrying it and could be coming over to the u.s. >> michelle: that's why they're warning women in brazil saying don't even get pregnant for a that's big deal. another big deal, switching gears here, about two months to go until the new t-mobile arena on the strip opens up. today one of the final steps getting floerd april debut. i don't drive by this very often so every time i do i'm like whoa. >> krystal: it went up so fast it seems like. kyndell nunley is live where they're doing something pretty big. what are they doing? >> reporter: good morning. good afternoon actually.
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the first of 17,000 seats they're installing this morning. they went in about an hour ago. a little mor that. we were out here today for the installation. i want to show you the rest of the arena. this is one of the first looks inside the venue which the vice president and general manager says is 80 percent finished. they still need to get in the rest of the seats, the items. t-mobile arena is set to open on april 6th. which means the $375 million venue took less than two years to build.r i first broke ground on may 1, 2014. here there will be 50 luxury suites, more than two dozen private boxes, two vip entrances, balconies with strip views, a sustainable green design and food and drink options on every single level. in addition to all that as most of you have noted you will also
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all mgm locations starting this spring. without a doubt i did ask the t-mobile arena insured me the team is working to build up on the strip with locals in mind and that hopefully this will become the new norm as it has with other venues in major cities across the world. o area where we can work as a community to come together and again that the parking experience is something that is new but will be, he hopes the locals as we get used to this new arena and enjoy the experiences that come along with it. when it comes to locals the other big topic is jobs. they soon will start hiring security and also the ushers that work up and down the seats here. you want to keep in mind there are work they contract out that goes with the stage workers and the cleaning crew. i'll get all that information up on our website. that is they said the hiring process will start very, very soon. reporting live inside the new t-mobile arena, kyndell
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>> krystal: they can put you to work already. >> michelle: she does look cute. she is dressed up like that because when you are out there reporting on any sort of open construction project you have to have all that gear on. drit we want to keep kyndell safe. thank you. appreciate that. it's going be exciting. opening up in april. >> michelle: it looks so much bigger from the inside than it does on the outside. >> krystal: may have a new nhl team. never know. >> michelle: when the super bowl rolls around it's going be all the big name companies showing off their latest and greatest ads. some of us just tune commercials. >> krystal: it's pretty cool. one company most of us have never heard of will also have a commercial. this is an interesting story behind their ad coming up at 12:30. >> michelle: plus, call it the natural order of things.
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it's kind of sticking out there. wait until you see some of the other video. >> kelly: we are looking at wet weather heading our way as we get into the weekend. when it will arrive and how long
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that's coming up. with us. we told you often about people accused of ripping off renters. sometimes the landlords than get put in a bad situation too. >> michelle: this is the topic marie mortera. thing. >> reporter: in this case con men went searching for unsuspected victims but i also protect yourself. >> we decided we would rent it out. >> reporter: jacqueline is talking about this motor home florida. >> i got an e-mail from a man that said he wanted to use it for it was three weeks in november. that was perfect. >> reporter: the texas couple
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the details but the check never arrived. >> i said the check hasn't come. he sent me tracking number. so when we tracked that check it turned out that it had been pulled. >> reporter: postal inspectors were suspicious and pulled the check for fear it was fraudulent. it was. that's when they reached out to jacqueline. >> i was terrified. i am a rule follower. i don't break rules. my husband tells me sometimes i'm too trusting. >> reporter: a con man send as fraudulent check for more than the agreed amount and asks the victim to send the difference back. by the time the bank catches up it's too late. the victim has deposited the check and sent the difference to the con man. reality you as a consumer are responsible for the funds that you deposit into your withdraw.
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considers herself lucky and says she has learned a lesson. >> i would make su referenc and call those references and make sure there was phone communication between the renter a myself. postal inspectors emphasize doings much research as you can before you enter any financial transaction especially if the deal s r off alert, i'm marie mortera. >> krystal: she just cut her finger. >> michelle: a paper cut. >> krystal: they hurt. >> michelle: time for trending today. commercials are a big part of the super bowl tune in for them. depending on what teams are playing of course. they get as much attention as the on field action. 30 second spots cost $5 million a pop. so they're not cheap. huge corpo a small business. and it's getting a commercial in super bowl 50. >> krystal: it's called death wish coffee. >> michelle: i need that.
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wish. they won a competition held by a software maker for a 30 second spot during the first quarter of the big game. the new york company beat out 15,000 small businesses in voting by the publics. founded in 2012 death wish coffee is branded as a strong, i guess that's what you want. it's packaged in a black bag with a skull and bones and label. death wish sales about a thousand times a de after the super bowl. you have so many eyes on those commercial spots it will probably see an up tick in sale. >> michelle: one sip you are swallowing a bunch of savages and will probably be up for ten days. >> krystal: okay. [ laughter ] >> michelle: that's my tag line. >> krystal: i don't think you should be writing that copy. [ laughter ] >> michelle: this is another one our weird stories today. the lovely friendship between a goat and tiger that apparently
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it's come to an end. so this goat and tiger couple broke up because the goat is pushing, butting and constantly annoying the tiger. >> krystal: tiger says i am not having this anymore. >> michelle: the goat was biting the tiger. i've had eno vets placed them together in the wild life park. >> michelle: because the tiger was supposed to -- the goat was supposed to be the tiger's dinner. the tiger wouldn't eat the goat. >> krystal: they became friends. the expectation since november the cat would kill and eat the goat. but i guess ni got along. unlikely friendship developed and they said let's hang out. but the goat got too touch. >> michelle: the goat got pushy. the goat bit the tiger. >> krystal: that's a lot.
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this is interesting -- says its biggest shark did something inside the aquarium that you probably wouldn't expect. >> michelle: horrified all the kids standing there and watching it. >> krystal: they got a lesson on the circle of life. didn't they. >> michelle: they sure did. the circle of life. the shark the largest in the aquarium is said to have slowly eating a smaller five-year-old shark. the largest shark was philed swimming a round with the body of her tank mate. the tip of the tail remains. man. as the shark swam around the aquarium's tunnel in front of guests. what are you going to do now? you make me bad i'm going to oat eat you. maybe the tiger needs to take a little lesson from the shark and eat that goat. right?
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just saying. there's kids. >> krystal: they got a lessonm looking at the video going i don't want to see that. >> michelle: that concludes our weird stories this friday. >> michelle: kelly make some sense of this. >> kelly: when you first started reading the story about the tiger and the goat i was like oh no. you expect it to end the other way. >> krystal: not so much. >> kelly: i was surprised by the end resulte weird stories. >> krystal: don't forget pooping on the presidential candidates. >> kelly: let's don't forget that story. cra weather that is happening this weekend too. get outside and enjoy it wil it lasts. we're looking at partly sunny skies on our las vegas day school camera. temperatures, really nice. downtown 63 degrees right now. southeast at 64. spring valley, you are at 62 degrees. to rise a co befe we're all said and done here. here is a look at the satellite
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seeing quiet conditions across clark county right now. just some high thin clouds, waves of clouds. more clouds further north. parts of nye county and lincoln county. then precipitation even further north and heading into california as well. that's not expected to cause as much of a problem as we head throughout the rest of the day today and into the overnight. it's another system still offshore that's going to bring us wet weather as we get into sunday. here's a look at our future cast model. this starts tomorrow afternoon. where we are looking at a little precipitation to our north but clark county dry tomorrow. sunday is when the system you see right there starts to make its way in. we're going see widespread shower activity throughout the day on sunday as this rotates its way through. snow in the mountains and areas around lincoln county and nye county as well. the whole system's going to start exiting monday morning. i think we're going to see lingering precipitati for the morning commute.
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you gore ig to want to give yourself extra time on monday morning. check these out. 45 in primm. as we take a look at the 7-day forecast. warmer. 69 degrees. but the winds are going to be picking up in the afternoon. if you are going to do any hiking, try to get it in early on saturday before those winds pick up. then sunday that's the big storm system. gusty winds. look at next week guys. morning lows near freezing. highs in the 40s. and the wind is going to make it feel even colder. all the more reason to enjoy today. >> krystal: absolutely! >> michelle: you know what? sunday would be a perfect day to on. >> website on paint and see our calendar. >> krystal: we're talking about design and dine. they have three locations across the valley. mix painting.
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and voila you have a good time. you also are helping out a great cause. we're going get to that in a minute. talk about what you do. michelle and i said this would be fun. >> michelle: i have a lot of friends who har paintings each night of the week. you can go to and book the paintings that you like. come in and we'll walk you through the painting step by step. >> michelle: that was my question. everybody's paints come out really well. i don't know if it's the wine. it's like when i go bowling then start having a few cocktails and i do really good. but if i haven't had the cocktails i am rea ge loonsed up. [ laughter ] >> michelle: is this like a paint by number. >> it is a completely blank canvas. our instructors are so good they'll walk you through every step. you don't have to question anything. just follow along and walk out with a masterpiece. >> michelle: i have one more
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you start with a blank canvas and it ends up look like this? >> exactly. we're going show you what color where to put the color. times lot of fun. we're also painting for great causes. a couple of time as month we offer fundraisers to local organizations in town. and we actually just a fun fact about our company we financially support our own nonprofit which is animal sanctuary. on february 24th we're going to be having a fundraiser benefitting nevada political action for animals. and they're great cause because they do so much and give so much to local animals. we're happy we can give back. >> krystal: this is wednesday right. >> yep. february 24th, 6:30 p.m. to nin nine. we're a registered pac. we survey and endorse animal
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>> krystal: we didn't get a chance to introduce them. this is kristen with the nevada foundation for animals. this is rachel levy. >> we work on animal welfare level. we survey and endorse animal funding candidates. >> michelle: i love it. >> everybody come out and paint and drink and eat and have fun. >> krystal: and pet a puppy. >> michelle: most important part is a portion of all the sales are donated back to them for this event. >> krystal: you do this a couple times a month. >> we do. about two to three time as month we do fundraisers. any time you buy a ticket it goes towards our nonprofit too. you are making a difference in the community. >> michelle: i love it. u like more information because we have to wrap up go to
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causes. and have some fun and drink some
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>> thank you for hav >> kelly: looking at partly sunny skies today. 66 degrees. afternoon. it will be warm but look at the temperature on the back side of the system coming in on monday. valley rain, mountain snow. we could see six to ten inches of snow in the spring mountains guys. then much colder next week. >> krystal: tom says he is going up there to czech it out. look who -- check it out. look who we have today. he is such a love bug. and so much energy. >> he is five years old. he came in as an owner surrender.
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he is five years old. he is super friendly with children, dogs and cats. he is looking for his forever home. super sweet. just a lover. >> michelle: looks like he's had some training too. mannered. he walks on a leash. he sits. [ laughter ] >> you know he is excited. >> michelle: if you like this and gave him goo have a great weekend! see you monday! with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses,
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yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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was just here.
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